10 Commandments

10 Commandments

 - God's Standards


Discipleship is about transformation. As believers, the Spirit of God works in connection with the Word of God to grow us and renew us! We must fill our lives with the Word of God! To become a disciple of Christ, we must feast on the Word. Here are some devotions, tools and resources to help you grow as a disciple! Jesus called it “abiding” in Him. Abiding in God’s Word is a glorious lifestyle to pursue!

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  • Second Coming: How does this event differ from the Rapture? When will it take place and how does the Bible describe it?
  • Overcoming Temptation: Discover how to say no when tempted. Learn how deliverance is possible and how you can experience it in your own life.
  • Help Understanding The Bible: The Bible was meant to communicate God's plan and purpose to humanity. Read it in these simple terms.
  • Rapture Of The Church: Where is this event discussed in the Bible? What are the signs of its coming?
  • The Purpose of Christian Discipleship: The process of becoming more like Jesus. From believer to follower to messenger. Where are you?
  • Holy Scripture: The entirety of Christian doctrine should be grounded in the Bible. Here's the foundation for your review.
  • People in History that Committed the Sin of Pride: A study of King Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Learn about their proud spirit and how God dealt with them.
  • You Can Hear God's Voice: The Holy Spirit was sent to help us communicate with God. Often, it’s just a matter of paying attention and listening intently.
  • A Ready Defense: The call to have a ready defense for the Christian faith. Evidence and reason.
  • Quiet Times: God longs to spend time with you. Be creative and come ready to hear what He has to say.
  • The Genesis Account: The biblical record as it relates to the beginning of everything. Check out its legitimacy here.
  • Christian Leadership: Is there a model to follow? What characteristics do good leaders portray? Can I implement them into my life?
  • How to Listen to God: What part does the Bible play in us hearing from our Heavenly Father? Learn more insights here.
  • Born Again Christian: What does a true believer in Christ look like? How do we define "born again"?
  • Christian Accountability Partners : Discover tips for finding someone to hold you accountable. What kind of person are you looking for? Learn action steps.
  • The Last Supper Of Christ: What happened right before Jesus died? What was His final message to His followers?
  • Fundamental Doctrines: What are the basics of the Christian faith? Why do some people try to make it so complicated?
  • Gap Theory Of Genesis: A theory that bridges Genesis 1 and 2. Here's the simple argument against it.
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Is it related to speaking in tongues? How does it relate to other responsibilities of God's Spirit?
  • God's Will: How do we hear God? How do we understand His plans for our lives?
  • Bible Study Questions: If you need answers to those difficult Bible questions, check this out.
  • Christian Meditation Center: Is this whole concept biblical? Where can Christians go for answers that don't attach to the New Age variants?
  • Summary Of The Cost Of Discipleship: We are told to count the costs when joining the Body of Christ. What does this mean?
  • Scripture References: A look at the Bible and its organization. Go deeper in your Bible studies.
  • Christian Journaling: Another way to spenf time with God. Writing is a form of praise and worship.
  • Online Bible Concordance: A look at some powerful tools to better understand God's word.
  • Different Names Of God: The names of God in Greek reveal a great deal about His nature.
  • John's Gospel: The Gospel of John is a wonderfully cross-cultural account of Jesus Christ. It translates into Good News everywhere.
  • Learn Spiritual Growth: How can I implement the Fruit of the Spirit in my life to better display a Christ-like testimony to those around me?
  • Unblemished Lamb Of God: What does this symbolic term mean? What's the Jewish background of this Messianic concept?
  • Christian Counseling Services: Can the Bible be the standard by which our lives are measured? Can a biblical counselor help my family?
  • Spiritual Warfare And The Bible: What happens in the unseen world? What does the Bible tell us about the spirritual realm?
  • Bible Reading Plans: Historical, chronological, yearly, beginning to end. Discover how these systems work and find out which one you prefer.
  • Help With The Bible: The Bible has many simple themes and many difficult nuances. Here's a place for help.
  • What Are Angels: What's the truth underlying angels? Do they really exist? Do they interact with us?
  • Marks of Spiritual Maturity: How do you know when you are spiritually mature? Is there a standard? Discover the essential ingredient to growing spiritually.

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